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The time for shame is over.
German tanks at Arc de Triomphe in Paris July 1994

Since 1989, Searchlight has concentrated emphasis on the worsening situation in Germany and on the urgent need to build international solidarity with anti-fascist and democratic forces there.

Since the opening of the Berlin Wall on 9.11.1989 and the reunification of Germany in 1990, Searchlight has:

  • systematically documented the wave of nazi violence
  • analysed the development of antisemitism, racism and fascism and German nationalism
  • played a central role in the making of Michael Schmid's internationally acclaimed anti-nazi film '"Wahrheit macht frei".
  • exposed the secret network of ex-Waffen SS men behind the international neo-nazi scene
  • sent speakers across Europe to warn of the dangerous situation in Germany
  • mobilised demonstrations of solidarity against the fascist terror in Britain, Sweden, Norway, the USA and Canada
  • organised the collection of funds to assist the work of young German antifascists
  • assisted German anti-fascists by speaking at their meetings and providing information on international neo-nazi connections.

Aus dem SEARCHLIGHT Special "Reunited Germany",
erschienen im Januar 1995

Five short years ago, the world celebrated when the Berlin Wall opened and Germany could once more be united. People across the globe felt that here was a new opportunity for a Germany which had learned the lessons of her militarist past and had atoned for the crimes committed during the Nazi period...

Nationalism in Germany:

Since reunification, Germany has been the recipient of numerous protests and complaints about racism, antisemitism, fascism and state-inspired nationalist activities from, amongst others, the US State Department, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Polish Foreign Ministry, the Danish, Czech, Nigerian, Portuguese and Israeli governments, the United Nations refugee organisation UNHCR, the World Jewish Congress, the European Jewish Congress, Amnesty International and the US human rights organisation Helsinki Watch...

Der November 1991 und die Folgen für Jugoslawien:
US slams Germany for Yugoslav war

Die CDU/CSU-Opposition vermittelt heute den Eindruck, als seien Krisen im Verhältnis der USA zur BRD eine absolute Novität. Dass dem nicht so ist zeigt ein Blick zurück in den November 1991...

The Sudetenland question
Extracts from speeches held in Munich to commemorate the 1938 Munich Agreement, under the title "Munich 1938 - Germany, united fatherland?"

rgen Elsässer
Journalist on Konkret and junge Welt and author of Antisemitism the old face of the new Germany.
Chaim Frank
Documentation Centre for Jewish Art and Culture in Munich, an expert on the history of the Sudeten Germans.

Without Comment

Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl:
'The effectiveness of NATO's threat to bomb the Serbs was mostly due to my influence." (Quoted in Der Spiegel, No 9,1994).
Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl: "Germany has dealt with its history. In future, it can admit to its world role and widen it. The whole of Germany has the chance now to find its inner harmony... to which belongs living patriotism." Federal Government statement, 30 January 1991....


In the introduction to this pamphlet, we wrote that our aim has not been to fan any anti-German flames, but to warn people internationally about the dangerous character of revived German nationalism. In so doing, we have sought to represent the views, and very real fears, of those in Germany who devote all their energies to combating the evils of anti-semitism, racism, nationalism and other hate predjudices...

Useful addresses

For further information on the current situation in Germany, the following organisations/publications - all engaged in the struggle against German nationalism and fascism — can be contacted...

Searchlight Magazine, January 1995. 07-11-02



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