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Reunited Germany - The New Danger:

In the introduction to this pamphlet, we wrote that our aim has not been to fan any anti-German flames, but to warn people internationally about the dangerous character of revived German nationalism.

In so doing, we have sought to represent the views, and very real fears, of those in Germany who devote all their energies to combating the evils of anti-semitism, racism, nationalism and other hate predjudices.

These German activists have swum against the tide since 1990 and represent a minority in Germany today. Their sterling work of bringing to light both the heightened activity of the fascists and the growing militarism, which find their seed bed in the highly charged atmosphere whipped up by the mainstream Right, has been very important in keeping Searchlight supplied with a constant f\m\ ot information about the international links ot German nght-uuig extremist-- and the mounting gra\ it\ of nationalism in their countn

For these tnends ot Seiiiilili^Jit, the situation grous more difficult b\ the dav Alread\ the\ ha\e been the subject of mo\ es to criminalise their democratic acti\ ih and, tor this reason, appreciate the \ alue of anti-fascist solidarity which extends across frontiers and which is both freelv given and received

Thev ha\ e stood out openly against the na/i terror that has been a consistent feature of the period since the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification. They have built anti-fascist and anti-nationalist groups in small towns where previously none existed and they have exposed the almost gravitational shift to the Right in German politics and the way in which that now leads to Germany's aggressive stance internationally.

They realise all too well the direction in which things are moving and for them the traditional German anti-fascist slogans Never again fascism! Never again war! really mean what they say. Without

these friends. Searchlight's work in Europe would have been much harder in the period since reunification.

For this reason, we pay tribute to them:

to our colleagues on the anti-fascist magazines Antifa-Info Blatt, Atze, Der Rechte Rand and NRW Zeitung for their monitoring work, to Michael Schmidt for his anti-nazi film and book, which have reached literally millions of people across Europe, and to our friends of the Anachronistic Procession, the anti-nationalist project which brings Bertolt Brecht's famous poem, showing the dangers and end results of German nationalism, to life in a highly educative way.

These anti-fascists and anti-nationalists are a guarantee of resistance to the tendency of history to repeat itself, because they know that if it does so, it will not be as farce but as a catastrophe for humanity.

We hope that all who read this pamphlet will take its contents seriously and will respond by engaging actively in antifascist work in their own country and by delivering solidarity to those on the sharp end in Germany.

Nobody who values democracy, peace and human decency should ignore the danger signs so shockingly highlighted in this pamphlet. What is happening in Germany is not simply a "German problem" but concerns us all. To oppose the trends described above, information is vital and this pamphlet has hopefully begun the job by publishing some of the material to which Searchlight has access.

In preparing this pamphlet, members of the Searchlight team have been provided with translation help, research assistance and kindness and hospitality by many individuals. We wish to express our sincerest thanks to all of them. Those who have helped know who they are. For security reasons, we withold their names.

Searchlight Magazine, January 1995. 31-10-02



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